Rika Noguchi

Rika Noguchi: The Sun, Limited Edition
Publisher's Description
Rika Noguchi captures the abstract beauty of the everyday using the camera's eye, through composition that emphasize the otherworldliness of geometrical forms. The Sun, begun in 2005, depicts images recorded by shooting directly into the sun using the most primitive type of lens-less device for capturing images: the pinhole camera. The soft-focus flow of these works suggests the unknown that resides within the possibility of human experience. This series was included in the 2008 Carnegie International exhibition, as well as the Walker Art Center and the Jumex Collection in Mexico City. This limited edition book of 1500 includes 36 color images, as well as a secret photographic image on the front cover using thermal-sensitive ink, brought only into exposure through ambient heat and light.
ISBN: 4904257049
Publisher: Nohara Publishing
Tankobon Hardcover
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