Seiichi Furuya

Seiichi Furuya: Memoires, 1984-1987 (English, German and Japanese Edition)
by Seiichi Furuya
Publisher's Description
Japanese photographer Seiichi Furuya's best-known works have been his heart-rending exploration of his relationship with his wife, Christine, who after years of battling mental illness, leapt from their ninth-floor apartment in 1985, leaving him and their child. Over the intervening 25 years, Furuya has published several books including formal portraits of Christine and, even harder to take, everyday-life snapshots that are almost luminescent in their ordinariness. this deeply personal photo essays, the last of Furuya's Memories compositions, covers the Furuya family's everyday life while living in the former East German government system, and the other 'fall' that ended a family. Includes an essay by the late East German writer and film director, Einar Schleef.
ISBN: 4904257073
Publisher: Nohara Co. Ltd.
Paperback : 352 pages
Language: English
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