Visions of Fuji - an Incurable Malady of Modern Japan
Publisher's Description
The image of snowcapped Mt. Fuji is the icon of Japan, an object of religious veneration, even a symbol of the nation itself. Yet artists’ views of the sacred mountain have changed with the times, reflecting the mental landscape of the Japanese. This lush exhibition catalog from the IZU Photo Museum traces representations of Mt. Fuji from the mid-19th century to the present day, embracing a wide range of work from early woodblock prints to photos from the 19th-century photo pioneer Beato to contemporary master Sugimoto. Its 300-plus reproductions also include views of the mountain through the eyes of foreigners, during World War II, and in contemporary art. A beautiful journey into the heart of the Japanese people.
ISBN: 4904257103
Publisher: NOHARA
Hardcover : 244 pages
Language: English
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