The Children Of Esfahan - Polish Refugees in Iran: Abolqasem Jala
by edited
Publisher's Description
Documentary photographer Parisa Damandan, whose earlier work caught the lives of Iranian workers, women and prisoners, has now turned to research, aiming to preserve endangered photo archives. This book reveals one of the most precious and little known archives of all – photographer Abolqasem Jala's record of Polish refugees in Isfahan during the Second World War. International agreements saw over 100,000 Poles arrive in Iran from the Soviet Union in 1942. Jala's limpid, intimate portraits and family scenes, coupled with quotes from surviving refugees, capture a world where war and forced migration have been swept aside by the harmony, pride and hope of a newly created community.
ISBN: 600519139X
Publisher: Nazar
Hardcover : 296 pages
Language: English
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