Pierre Et Gilles

Pierre et Gilles: Retrospective
by Renaud De Vabres
Publisher's Description
This publication has been Canceled

A sorrowful French sailor boy submerged in a confectionary sea; a doll-like dominatrix bound to a cheap vinyl-coated chair, the young Yves Saint Laurent; a coy Asian nude holding the Ace of Spades on his left thigh, a muddy rugby player staring seductively ahead and a winsome Iggy Pop are just a few of the over the- top, super-stylized images collected in this retrospective collection of spectacular images by the French photographers known simply by their first names, Pierre et Gilles. Spanning from the late 1970s until 2005, this large, square volume features a comprehensive collection of the duo’s signature highly retouched portraits. Whether depicting celebrities or friends, the work of Pierre et Gilles is both idealized and irreverent, always erotic and usually set against fantasy backgrounds. It was compared sympathetically to the work of David LaChapelle, Mariko Mori and even Gregory Crewdson in a 2000 Artforum review by Vince Aletti, where the oeuvre was fittingly described as a “seductively gaudy, frankly homoerotic utopia, where saints, sailors and movie stars inhabit the same candy-colored never-never land.”
ISBN: 750870813X
Publisher: MoCA Shanghai
Hardcover : 188 pages
Language: English
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