Eva Davidova

Eva Davidova (Fototorst)
by Eva Davidova
Publisher's Description
Ethnographer, sociologist, art historian, and photographer, Eva Davidova is one of the founders of Gypsy (Roma) studies in the Czech Republic and has been illuminating and investigating this secretive society for half a century. Davidova took her first photographs of Slovak and Olah Gypsy (formerly nomadic Romani) communities and made the first audio recordings of Gypsy stories and music in the 1950s. The collected photographs in the present volume, made between 1956 and 1995, constitute an unparalleled social and artistic document of everyday Gypsy life and the roads the Gypsies have traveled over this past half century. Anna Farova, a leading historian of Czech photography, and Jana Horvathova, Director of the Museum of Romani Culture in Brno, provide essays.
ISBN: 8072152343
Publisher: Torst
Paperback : 112 pages
Language: English
Dimensions: 6.4 x 7.1 x 0.4 inches
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