Tøbjorn Rødland

Grav Med Utsikt: Tombe Avec Vue: Grave Witha View
by Torbjorn, Jutta Nestegard (curate), Marit Woltmann (ed) Rodland
Publisher's Description
The early nineties witnessed the emergence of a new generation of young artists in Norway who saw photography as a valid means of expression. Rødland is a key figure in the developments in Norway and has made his mark internationally. Fascinated by American appropriation art, he engages in a reflection over nature - with particular references to Norwegian National Romanticism - firmly from the perspective of the present day. In his photographic works he creates images of his reflections on cliches and meta-images in relation to religion and sentimentality, often with a particularly sharp ironic undercurrent. The retrospective exhibition shows a decade-long process of development in his work, with its condensed and consistent mode of expression and common thematic structure.
ISBN: 8291430365
Publisher: Astrup Fearnley Museet for Moderne Kunst
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