Bilbao: The West Bank (Spanish Edition)
by Angel Morua
Publisher's Description
Bilbao Estuary is the urban area where most of the urban and economic processes of regeneration for Biscay are brought together. The image of Bilbao and its Estuary is an international icon that situates Bilbao as a territory for innovation within Europe. This is the today’s iconographic image of Bilbao. A book more than 5 meters long , this is, in addtion to its historiographic value, a visual guide for both visitors and citizens of Bilbao for navigating the Estuary and discovering the city.

CiudadCity presents visual guides to navigating and discovering cities while documenting their historiographic value. Each hardcover volume in the series opens to 13 feet long, presenting one panoramic city scene identifying key buildings and architects. More than panoramic photography, the photographs are created on an architectural drawing which serves as an invisible base. Each guide can be viewed either as a traditional book or expanded as long long poster to be perused and enjoyed repeatedly.

Angel Morua Achiaga, an architect from Bilbao, Spain, is the project direct of Ciudad City, an organization devoted to global urban issues through exhibitions and symposia, and books related to the City.
ISBN: 8461121694
Publisher: Ciudadcity
Hardcover : 21 pages
Language: English
Dimensions: 5.8 x 10.4 x 0.3 inches
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