Manuel Alvarez Bravo: 100 Years, 100 Days
by Manuel Alvarez Bravo
Publisher's Description
Born on February 4th, 1902, Manuel Alvarez Bravo-the greatest Mexican photographer of the twentieth century-celebrated his centenary just months ago. This monumental tome is a volume in tribute to the artist, grandly conceived as a place for reflection on his moving, poetic images, all chosen and edited by Bravo himself. It is perhaps the most beautiful book ever published on his work, using lush paper and exquisite reproductions. Only 1000 copies were printed in English. An added treat to the images are the numerous, brief texts of praise and encouragement from artists, writers, and photographers around the world, including these moving sentiments by Edward Weston. "But no matter why I have them [the prints], I must tell you how much I am enjoying them. Sincerely, they are important,-and if you are a new worker, photography is fortunate in having someone with your viewpoint. It is not often I am stimulated to enthusiasm over a group of photographs." Available in Spanish Only.
ISBN: 8475065112
Publisher: Turner Publicaciones
Hardcover : 243 pages
Language: English
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