José María Rosa

Bleda Y Rosa
by various
Publisher's Description
Extensive in its depth of presentation, this photographic survey of the work of the Spanish artists María Bleda and José María Rosa, thoroughly documents five chief photographic series produced by the partnership. Introduced by the series, ‘Campos de fútbol’ (Football Pitches), the collection follows with the works Campos de batalla (Battlefields); Ciudades (Cities); Origen (Origin), and the recent and ongoing ‘Arquitecturas’(Architectures). The last forms a complex investigation into architectural spaces and deals with the traces of historical process and repositories of memory and the reflection on the different types of uses and functionalities of buildings. Photographs dominate the content of this production and are generously reproduced in full colour, presented one per page on glossy paper, and accompanied by introductory and bibliographic notes, along with a chronology of the artists work to date.
ISBN: 8478002847
Publisher: Universidad de Salamanca
Hardcover : 268 pages
Language: Spanish
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