Bill Henson

Henson Bill
by BILL). Cooper, Dennis & F. Javi (HENSON
Publisher's Description
Bill Henson's photographs became known during the 80's alongside Robert Mapplethorpe, Larry Clark, Nan Goldin and Bernard Faucon. It was a time when according to Dennis Cooper '...auteurish, confrontational photographers with a taste for the...taboo were at the centre of the critical dialogue, as well as the hippest things going.' But his work is essentially different from the raw low-key, or mannered styles of his contemporaries; naked dirt-smudged teens are portrayed with almost empathy and plush cinematic sensitivity. Henson's most recent haunting really unreal pictures are presented here with an excellent introduction by Dennis Cooper and an essay by F. Javier Panera.
ISBN: 8478007083
Publisher: Ediciones Universidad De Salam
Paperback : 96 pages
Language: English
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