Adam Fuss
by CA TF Editores
Publisher's Description
This book has been published in association with the unique exhibition of Adam Fuss in Fundacion Mapfre, Madrid. The exhibition comprises approximately fifty images by Adam Fuss, dating 1992 to the present. The selection not only gathers images that the artist believes to be among his best examples, but also recreates the ambiance of a location sacred to him. It is being organized in close consultation with the artist by the Fundacion Mapfre and Cheryl Brutvan, Curator of Contemporary Art at the Norton Museum, and curator of his first survey in the United States. Adam Fuss makes pictures of unrivaled beauty and mystery with traditional and historical photographic techniques. This is all the more unusual at this moment in time when large format, digitally manipulated color photographs compete with paintings for out attention. His decision to use this processes for making daguerreotypes, platinum prints or photograms, for example, is not a statement against technology nor has it evolved from romantic notions. He has instead explored the best means to create the images that he has imagined. The results are timeless pictures; images which are a culmination of his enduring passions. They are pictures from his soul.
ISBN: 8492441178
Publisher: T.F. Editores, S.L.C.
Hardcover : 250 pages
Language: English
Dimensions: 10 x 12.2 x 0 inches
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