Fotografia Latinoamericana 1895-2008
by Alexis Fabry
Publisher's Description
Juan Abelló and his wife, Anna Gamazo de Abelló, of Spain, are among the world’s top private collectors of art. (Their drawing collection alone spans from Goya to van Gogh to Schiele to Freud, to name just a few highlights.) The photographs gathered in this revelatory volume are gathered from the Anna Gamazo de Abelló photography collection,which is comprised solely of twentieth- and twenty-first-century works from Latin America and Spain. In accordance with Gamazo de Abelló’s long standing commitment to intensity and integrity of focus within the collection, this volume is limited solely to the Latin American works, and within that segment, to just a few key artists whose work,when looked at in depth and taken together, creates a bold and condensed overview of the genre, if such a word can even be used. They are: Gabriel Orozco,Milagros de la Torre and Juan Manuel Echavarría. In addition, Francisco Toledo and Martín Chambi draw on the indigenous legacies of Mexico and Peru; Argentina’s Horacio Coppola and Venezuela’s Paolo Gasparini reflect on their countries’ European ancestry; and José Luis Venegas presents documentary images that reveal the influence of the United States in Latin America.
ISBN: 8492480297
Publisher: Editorial RM
Hardcover : 206 pages
Language: Spanish
Dimensions: 8.4 x 10.8 x 0.9 inches
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