PHE08: Lugar / Place
Publisher's Description
The PHE08 this year took the notion of ‘place' as its point of reference for the ideas behind the photographic works that were presented. As Sérgio Mah observes in his introduction to this catalogue, “place is not just a portion of space or an imaginary point. It is also a way of seeing, knowing and understanding the world.' The works of some twenty-odd photographers were presented in this connection, and have works reproduced in this catalogue, including, W. Eugene Smith, Roni Horn, Thomas Demand, Ignasi Aballí and Florian Maier-Aichen. Additional highlights include a series by Robert Smithson entitled ‘Hotel Palenque' and an insert examining the phenomenon of ‘fictional states' by Cabinet Magazine.
ISBN: 8492498447
Publisher: La Fabrica
Paperback : 266 pages
Language: English
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