Valdir Cruz

O caminho das águas / The water's way (Valdir Cruz)
by Emanoel Araujo
Publisher's Description
An ecological warning, penetrating and poetic, this book brings wonderful images. With the drive of a missionary, photographer Valdir Cruz - who was born in the state of Paraná, in the south of Brazil, and has been living in New York for 25 years - put a great effort into registering about 120 waterfalls in his homeland, solely at dawn and nightfall. Through Cosac Naify, he had already published Faces da floresta (Faces of the Forest, 2004), a portrait of the Yanomami indians of Brazil and Venezuela.
Two characteristics in this monumental work call attention: the landscape that provokes instantaneous ecstasy and the alert for preservation, which is so necessary - one of the waterfalls photographed by the artist in 1994, Salto Vaca Branca, doesn't exist anymore. James Enyeart says, in his essay in the book, that Cruz's 'considerable artistic vision make the public aware of those things that bind nature to its prodigal species, humanity'.
Like few, the photographer produces his work in a very authorial way. The use of many filters has created effects of movement in the 'waters' way', giving to the images an uncommon plasticity for this genre of expression.
ISBN: 8575036750
Publisher: Cosac Naify
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