From the Photographic Art to the Art of Photography
by Fabio Castelli
Publisher's Description
The Project 'From the Photographic Art to the Art of Photography' is an extraordinary occasion to present a unique development in the Alinari activities on the 170th anniversary of the invention of photography: from the first art photographs to the works of art that the photographers of today succeed in creating with them. The operation presupposes that the artists turn to the past as a point of departure for a poetic-artistic procedure aimed at achieving a work of contemporary art. Alinari, repository of a heritage that represents all forms of photography in the works of master photographers offers a group of photographers and collectors the chance to plunge into this world of images in search of evocative and stimulating ideas for meta-linguistic reflection: photography becomes a material to be appropriated, to be returned in the form of a new product that is in itself a photograph and work of art. The course of art photography therefore has come to a full circle, and the story goes on…
ISBN: 8863020264
Publisher: Alinari 24 Ore
Paperback : 140 pages
Language: English
Dimensions: 0 x 0 x 0 inches
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