Mauro Fiorese

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Aula dei. Ediz. italiana e inglese
by Mauro Fiorese
Publisher's Description
'In another light. It might be reductive to say that Mauro Fiorese went looking for - and portraying - Madonnas, angels and saints dispersed in our everyday life, in all those places where we do not notice them, or where we would not often expect to find them: at the back of a surgeon performing an operation, portrayed as graffiti on some walls in the suburbs, at a traffic-congested crossroad... No, it was not him looking purposefully for the traces of the sacred in everyday life, in a family reunion, or during one of his several wanderings all over the world. On the contrary, it was the sacred that met and captured Fiorese's eye: a sacred that, let's say, has 'observed' the photographer as it 'obeserves' all of us, just when it emerges from the darkness, from the indistinct chaotic buzz of everyday life, from anonymous crowds walking on the roads...' From the essay by Gigliola Foschi
ISBN: 8877433221
Publisher: Arsenale
Hardcover Language: Italian
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