Jack Pierson

Jack Pierson (English and French Edition)
by Jack Pierson
Publisher's Description
This publication-at once a daybook, a survey (it accompanies the artist's first exhibition in Ireland) and an artist's book-collects eight previous publications on the American artist Jack Pierson, several of which are long out of print. Pierson was among the first photographers to print pages with the imagery bleeding out of its usual white frame, and to deploy a bleached-out and overexposed style of photography that connotes a longing for a recent but already dimming past, littered with the props and players of yesterday's parties. By small increments, an emotional tone builds that is both warmly homoerotic and unabashedly wistful. All of these books were designed by the artist and are here reproduced in their original size and in chronological order.
ISBN: 8881586770
Publisher: Charta/Irish Museum of Modern Art
Paperback : 435 pages
Language: English
Dimensions: 0 x 0 x 0 inches
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