Adventures in Art: 40 Years at Pace
by Mildred Glimcher
Publisher's Description
'I'm interested in giving a new perspective to the span of an artist's work by extending the public's perception of an entire oeuvre. . .I show art that astonishes me.' Arne Glimcher, Artists included, Larry Bell, Louise Nevelson, Robert Irwin, Jean Dubuffet, Piet Mondrian, Agnes Martin, Jim Dine, Lee Krasner, Chuck Close, Brice Marden, Mark Rothko, Joseph Cornell, Barnett Newman, Dan Flavin, Robert Ryman, Claes Oldenburg, Many others Adventures in Art is a magisterial volume that documents the exhibitions at Pace Gallery in New York. One of the handful of most important American galleries over the past 40 years, the history of Pace is virtually the history of art in America since World War II, and this book, with over 700 color images in its nearly 700 pages, shows why. From the classic Mondrian show 'The Salon of Mme. B,' which reconstructed his unrealized architectural project, to the 'Je suis le cahier' show of Picasso's unpublished sketchbooks, Pace has always shown artists and works in ways that help redefine their importance and suggest new ways of seeing. Arne Glimcher, founder of Pace Gallery, has not only been adept at spotting trends in art, but in encouraging new visions, and defining movements as well. Among the artists with whom he has had a close and enduring relationship are Robert Irwin, Loiuse Nevelson, Chuck Close, Donald Judd, Jean Dubuffet, and many others whose exhibitions are documented in Adventures in Art. Along with the visual documentation, the book includes an introduction by art scholar Barbara Rose, an essay by Arne Glimcher himself, and chronological lists of the exhibitions and publications that have defined Pace Gallery since the early 1960s.
ISBN: 8886482795
Publisher: Leonardo International
Hardcover : 664 pages
Language: English
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