Giacomo Brogi

The Pala D'Oro: Rediscovering a Treasure, Boxed
by Italo Zannier
Publisher's Description
Long before high quality monographs were available, the great 19th century photographic studios released albumen print portfolios depicting the most famous tourist destinations throughout Europe and Asia. Thousands more made the Grand Tour through photographs than overland, and as this book shows, these images--daguerreotypes, salted paper prints, albumin prints, and handcolored photographs all beautifully reproduced in color--were as fine a stand-in as any photograph ever made. This book contains some of the most exquisite images available of 19th century Rome, Venice, Taoramina, Istanbul, and Cairo.
ISBN: 8886502001
Publisher: Canal and Stamperia Editorial
Hardcover : 227 pages
Language: English
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