Pietro Masturzo

Tehran Echoes
by Newland
Publisher's Description
Tehran Echoes is the result of a 30 days' stay in the capital of Iran.

Pietro Masturzo and Carlo Maddalena arrive in the early days of June 2009, ten days before the long-waited presidential elections. By means of his camera Masturzo was capable to report and testify Tehran's citizens growing discontent, people and students, courageously challenging

President Ahmadinejad's coercive methods, gather together into the streets to peacefully protest against the President in office. Few days before the elections the “green wave,” that is the protest movement is mounting up. The answer of the Government is a brutal repression, then from the streets the demonstrators move to the roofs where the protest full of expectations continues for months.
ISBN: 8886795505
Publisher: Postcart Edizioni
Hardcover : 64 pages
Language: English
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