Looking, Telling, Thinking, Collecting
by Liliana Dematteis
Publisher's Description
This is a collection of seminal artists' books examined through four different avenues-looking, telling, thinking, and collecting. The 'Looking' section is devoted to books that are not intended to be read, and so the shapes, colors, and subjects-sensual, austere, abstract, or realist-mainly address sight. In the 'Telling' section, we look at the different ways in which a book can tell a story-both in literary genres and in animated pictures. 'Thinking' includes conceptual artists' books, but is not confined to them: we also look at artists who use their books to criticize society, or imagine a different world. Lastly, 'Collecting' illustrates the close affinity between the book and collecting, and shows how the artists' book has been indispensable in preserving many works-as events. These sections are united by essays that examine the current position of artists' books, as well as their genesis, and their future.
ISBN: 8887942811
Publisher: Edizioni Corraini
Paperback : 320 pages
Language: English
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