Ettore Sottsass

Ettore Sottsass: Photographs
by Ettore Sottsass
Publisher's Description
Ettore Sottsass once took 1,780 photographs on a 12-day trip to South America, and for years he photographed every hotel room in which he had slept with a woman. Wherever he goes this world-renowned artist, architect, industrial designer, publisher, theoretician, and ceramicist carries a camera to photograph anything that catches his relentless and acute eye-doors, temples, kitchens, billboards, people, trees, graffiti, fruit-nothing escapes him. This substantial volume contains over 400 of Sottsass’s color and black and white images, beautifully reproduced. Several of these works are from his 1972-1978 Metaphor series, in which architecture is featured as a backdrop and support to human existence.
ISBN: 8888359125
Publisher: Photology
Hardcover : 271 pages
Language: English
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