Maï Lucas

Mai Lucas: All Eyes On Me
by Mai Lucas
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From Coney Island to Jones Beach, Harlem to East New York, Maï Lucas photographs hip-hop and street culture, capturing the ghetto-fabulous style of African-American and Hispanic New York. The code of the street, as Lucas sees it, begins with getting respect and finding fierce individual style, of becoming ‘somebody’ without regard for rules. You can be fat and be funky; you can be sexy, loud and proud. From the raw attitude and pomp of street style to the gold, tattooed glamour and booty-licious sex appeal of the beach, All Eyes on Me records unabashed, unapologetic style and flash. Lucas, whose husband is the renowned graffiti artist John One, considers the youth of the street to be the strength of contemporary culture, and her work is an homage to them:“You Shine, for yours and for us too. Let the street speak. Let the people shine.”
ISBN: 8888493263
Publisher: Drago Arts and Communication
Paperback : 104 pages
Language: English
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