Paul Caponigro

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Le Forme della Natura
by Paul Caponigro
Publisher's Description
The Galleria Civica of Modena, Italy, has mounted a wonderful retrospective exhibition of the influential American photographer, Paul Caponigro. This straightforward, softbound catalogue was produced to accompany the exhibition of over 100 photographs, and contains a casual interview with the artist at his home in Cushing, Maine in 2001. Caponigro, a student of both Minor White and Ansel Adams, has long been revered for his poetic approach to nature. His work stems from the deeply seated belief-shared by other intimates of his photographic circle-that there is an essence beyond the surface of the physical. To be aware of that essence, that reality, and to photograph well during such awareness, is the goal, something he has repeatedly achieved.
ISBN: 8888900004
Publisher: Nepente
Paperback : 150 pages
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