Aurio Montanari

by Aurio Montanari
Publisher's Description
'I was born in Bologna on December 13 1957, my interest in photography began at the age of 16 through the use of excellent photographic equipment given to me by my father. In 1976, during my first trip to the United States, I visited the International Centre of Photography in New York, where the magnificent pictures of Ernst Haas were on display. I was very impressed by those pictures, so vibrant with colour, and embarked on a personal research in depicting, from a subjective point of view, different environments in their various articulations, be they natural, urban or human. After 25 years of photography at an amateur level I decided to collect in this book a selection of images from different places visited in my numerous travels, most of which undergone with my brother Dario. This book is homage to a kind of film that is now disappearing from the market, revolutionized by the introduction of new digital products. Kodachrome, developed and produced by Kodak in 1935, is the name of a sensitive film capable of producing brilliant colours exceptional in their lucidity which don’t fade with time. All images reproduced in this book are drawn from Kodachrome slides, without the use of filters, image editing or other special effects'. - The Author.
ISBN: 8890130407
Publisher: Damiani
Hardcover : 144 pages
Language: English
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