Messina / Musina
by Pieter Hugo
Publisher's Description
Musina is the northernmost town in South Africa. It lies on the Limpopo River on the border of Zimbabwe. The town was formerly known as Messina, and in 2002 its name was changed to correct a colonial misspelling of the name of the Musina people who previously lived in the region. Located in the heart of the bushveld with its hunting farms and diamonds mine, on the major trucking route north, it attracts a conglomeration of disparate peoples. They are drawn to this town by the opportunities it offers, be it working in the mines or on the farms, policing the porous border, smuggling contraband and alien immigrants, or prostitution. In his photographs of individuals, families, interiors, landscapes and incidental details, Hugo reflects on the wounds and scars of race, class and nationality that persist here, on the border of Zimbabwe, a country in the process of self-destructing. The circumstances of Musina can be also be seen as broadly reflective of any community that is confronted by transition.
ISBN: 8895410033
Publisher: Punctum
Hardcover Language: English
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