by Martin Bril
Publisher's Description
Amsterdam is a woman. It has to be. Amsterdam is a woman I’ve been in love with for many years, sometimes passionately. But with this love there also have been long periods of silence, shyness, and caution. And yet, every now and then, in lurid, brief moments, Amsterdam looks at me and I look back at her. I sense that our love is mutual. These moments are scarce, maybe even temporary illusions that only take place in my imagination. But, deep down, I desire Amsterdam so much that I risk making a fool of myself in the power of her gaze. Martin Bril Within I Amsterdam, we glimpse Amsterdam’s promise, diversity, and wealth of opportunity, which serve to maintain its prominence as a European capital and a world city. The vibrant mixture of Amsterdam’s city fabric allows for interests of all kinds to live and function comfortably together. Whether people go to Amsterdam for business, study, tourism, or living, they always arrive at a city that is open, human, and tolerant.This selection of works from the international ad campaign of KesselsKramer for Amsterdam features photographs by Koos Breukel, Hans Eijkelboom, Dana Lixenberg, Dorothee Meyer, and others.
ISBN: 9057590409
Publisher: KesselsKramer
Paperback : 276 pages
Language: English
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