Jean-Marc Spaans

Traces of Light
by Jean-marc Spaans
Publisher's Description
Traces of Light is the first monograph published on the work of the young Dutch photographer Jean-Marc Spaans. Since he does not use physical objects in his pictures, his works could be described as paintings with light. Spaans uses long exposures which allows him to draw trails of light through space with colored neon tubes. In this way the camera captures the trails of light, the precise actions of the maker, who is the model and maker at the same time. The resulting photographs are a striking mixture of suggested objects and shapes, geometric patterns, furniture, and architecture. There is an otherworldly and ethereal quality to these images, bringing to mind the contemplative qualities in the work of sculptor Wolfgang Laib, or the installation artist Robert Irwin.
ISBN: 9059730011
Publisher: Episode Publishers
Hardcover : 120 pages
Language: English
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