The First Photographs Of Amsterdam
by Anneke Van Veen
Publisher's Description
The First Photographs of Amsterdam presents a broad selection of images of the Dutch capital taken during the early years of photography. Drawn from the Amsterdam City Archives and other collections in the Netherlands and abroad, the finest surviving pictures of the city from that period are brought together. The book shows a wide range of early photographic techniques and genres, such as personal, souvenir and travel albums, cabinet cards, stereographs and ‘news pictures‘. Photographers include Eduard Isaac Asser, Albert Greiner, Pieter Oosterhuis, Jacob Olie Jbz, Dirk Niekerk, Carl Rensing, Pierre Alexis Mottu, Benjamin Brecknell Turner.
ISBN: 9068685457
Publisher: Thoth
Hardcover : 192 pages
Language: English
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