Erik Kessels: In Almost Every Picture 12 Larbi Laaraichi
by Erik Kessels Ed.
Publisher's Description
The twelfth installment in the found photography series by Erik Kessels tells the story of a Moroccan wedding filmmaker with a knack for self-promotion. Based in Fez, Larbi Laaraichi has been capturing the big day for many people since the early 1990s. While videoing, he also always gets a shot of himself in action. These images plaster the walls of his shop. Besides being amateur advertisements, the pictures tell the story of Larbi himself. Kessels has ordered them chronologically, hinting at changes in the filmmaker’s life and following his career path through the equipment he uses. We see a playful, self-confident man who enjoys his work, and enjoys the people around him.
ISBN: 9070478374
Publisher: Kesselskramer
Paperback : 116 pages
Language: English
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