Randa Shaath

Randa Shaath: Under The Same Sky, Cairo
by Catherine David
Publisher's Description
In three series of black-and-white pictures, Randa Shaath meets and photographs the people who live in Cairo, Egypt's capital city. Under the Same Sky-Rooftops of Cairo documents the lives of people who inhabit the rooftops of the city's apartments. Profiles portrays a variety of local citizens, including painters and writers, poets and dancers, film directors and parking lot attendants. And In the Heart of the Nile captures the lives of the farmers and fishermen who live on the island Qursaya in the Nile, where the river runs through the center of Cairo. This monograph by Randa Shaath is part of the publications series being developed parallel to the project Contemporary Arab Representations.
ISBN: 9073362601
Publisher: Witte de With/Fundacio Antoni Tapies
Paperback : 128 pages
Language: English
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