Useful Photography #2
by Claudie de Cleen
Publisher's Description
Useful Photography #2

Edited by Erik Kessels, Hans Aarsman, Claudie de Cleen, Julian Germain and Hans van der Meer.

Many thousands of people now own a digital camera. Many thousands more sell their personal items over the Internet everyday. Suddenly everyone is a photographer and all homes are studios. The second issue of Useful Photography is a collection of photos posted on www.ebay.com, images which display the surprising creativity of the amateur photographer. Hence a pair of blue slippers posed against a leopard print background, a picture of a fan that also reveals the feet of the photographer, and a speaker set, shot from both the front and back, shining with pride on a green billiard cloth. You may never look at an object, or a photograph o an object, or a virtual posting of a digital photograph of an object, the same way again.
ISBN: 9075380461
Publisher: Artimo
Paperback : 256 pages
Language: English
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