Cityscapes + Birdmen - J.M. Wessels
by Various
Publisher's Description
Between 2006 and 2009 Jacquie Maria Wessels made portraits of Surinamese men obsessed with their tiny songbirds. Songbird contests see men from across Surinamese society come together in peaceful combat, with the bird who sings most beautifully winning the contest. Wessels captures the dichotomy of the pretty birds in comparison to the men's macho culture, where clothing, cars, motorcycles and muscles play an important role. Wessels has also photographed Paramaribo city scenes, dominated by social messages and advertising wall paintings with hyper-real depictions of tools, food cans and hot dogs, offering a fascinating impression of Surinam's booming capital.
ISBN: 9078068663
Publisher: Voetnoot
Hardcover : 204 pages
Language: English
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