Hans Bol

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Het Formaat Van Waterland
by Hans & VROOMKONING, Victor. BOL
Publisher's Description
About the Ltd Edition
A portrait of the Dutch river landscape of the Ooijpolder and Over-Betuwe (both areas in The Netherlands) in lyrical 8"x20" photographs and eloquent poetry. Translation into English included.

Of the original 1500 copies less than 200 remain; this title has sold 1,300 copies in Europe. Printed in exquisite 600-line screen quadtone by Salto2 and produced in collaboration with Michael A. Smith and Paula Chamlee.

Limited Edition of 45 (in slipcase). Signed/numbered book includes 1 of 3 original 8"x20"contact-silverprints, mounted,
ISBN: 9080876712
Publisher: Recto Verso
Hardcover Language: German
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