Orna Wertman

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Orna Wertman: Broken Landscapes 2003-2008
by Kitty Zijlmans
Publisher's Description
Only at second glance does one notice that there is something wrong with Wertman’s landscapes where a disturbance or an illogical natural relation raises more questions than it answers. A breakwater doesn’t go into the sea but into a swampy landscape; what seems to be sky is a field of ice in which absent trees are reflected; the birch wood tree depicted also has its entire root system exposed. As these and other colour collages demonstrate, the photographer’s work deals with the fragmentation of perception, the concomitant experience of reality, globalisation and the permanent danger of the unexpected.
ISBN: 9081408518
Publisher: Orna Wertman
Hardcover : 40 pages
Language: English
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