Florian Van Roekel

How Terry likes his coffee
by Florian Van Roekel
Publisher's Description
For fifteen months I explored five different offices throughout the Netherlands. The book narrates on feeling disconnected from your daily surroundings but at the same time longing for a real personal connection with another human being. I suggest office culture and our society as a whole is pre-occupied with a rational way of interpreting. I’ve searched for the invisible barriers and the will to break them. All images are candid.

In 2011 Martin Parr selected Van Roekel's photo book as one the Best Books of the Decade, plus he was nominated for the International Center of Photography Infinity Award. Van Roekel exhibited most recently at the Hyeres Festival where he won the 2012 Prix digital de la Photographie.
ISBN: 9081562819
Publisher: Florian van Roekel
Hardcover Language: English
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