John Hedgecoe

The Working Camera: The World's 1st 3D Guide to Photography Made Easy
by John Hedgecoe
Publisher's Description
This remarkable "pop-up" book is the first of its kind ever produced to show the theory of photography and the inner workings of a 35mm SLR camera. The pop-ups include a larger-than-life 35mm camera a separate lens showing the controls, a living room set complete with camera and lighting gear that can be placed to simulate various lighting situations, and an outdoor set demonstrating lens perspectives. Also included are sliding scales and lift-up covers demonstrating depth-of-field, apertures, lens designs, etc. Not just a novelty, this unusual book is a good, basic introduction to photography, and for the serious photographer, it's a great conversation piece.
ISBN: 0517562731
Publisher: Random House Value Publishing
Hardcover Language: English
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