Lucien Aigner

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Aigner's Paris
by Lucien Aigner
Publisher's Description
Aigner's photographs of Paris from the 1930's show "a willingness to forgo all traditional codes of judgement, to allow accident and change to play its role in the image, to accept blur and foreshortening and cluttered, blocked forms and spaces, his centripetal compositions and awareness of how gesture activates the surrounding space, his instinctual merging of subject and background into one harmonious whole all derive from his instinct for the Leica and his interest in man's active self."-- William Johnson. A biographical and critical essay accompanies the images, with an introduction that explains the photographic processes involved in reproducing Aigner's prints.
ISBN: 9185786098
Publisher: Fotografiska museet
Paperback : 104 pages
Language: English
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