Anders Petersen: Close Distance
by Birna Kleivan
Publisher's Description
"In various different projects he has photographed the imprisoned of this world. And in the universe of Anders Petersen imprisonment in life has many shapes and forms. There are regular inmates in prisons, but there are also the patients of institutions. While the most rudimentary imprisonment of all is self-imprisonment. Locked inside one's body. Filled with fear for the life one never attains. Photographing such states requires something special. Sober-minded impressions become more important than concrete phenomena, and the pictorial universe of Anders Petersen is at once quiet intimation and powerful language, with human instincts supplying a reverberating undertone." -From the introduction by Ingrid Fischer Jonge.

A catalog of Swedish photographer Anders Petersen's exhibition for The National Photomuseum at The Royal Library in Copenhagen.
ISBN: 9197418242
Publisher: Journal
Hardcover : 60 pages
Language: English
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