WATW - We Are The World: Photography from China and the Netherlands (English and Mandarin Chinese Edition)
by Stephanie Tung
Publisher's Description
This far-ranging exhibition catalog combines the works of Chinese and Dutch artists looking at our consumption-driven world. The traveling exhibition (which includes a website) appeared in Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou, covering a vast variety of topics ranging from economic growth to the environment, from energy production to capital flows, from migration to consumption. In our globalized world, all these phenomena are linked and we have a trans-national, shared responsibility to cope with them. Although WATW is not overtly political, the montage of the artists' works and projected info-graphics provide real-time data such as how many days are left until the end of oil, or the world's daily CO2 emissions. An ambitious book about an ambitious - and vital - project. Featured artists include Jin Jiangbo, Song Chao, Zhao Liang, Jacqueline Hassink, Frank van der Salm, Ad van Denderen besides many more. Essays by Stephanie Tung, Tsai Meng, Bas Vroege, Louise O. Fresco and Menno van der Veen.
ISBN: 946083020X
Publisher: Post Editions
Paperback : 284 pages
Language: English
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