Peter Martens

Peter Martens - Few Loving Voices
by Peter Martens
Publisher's Description
In Peter Martens' classic grainy photographs from the 1970s and 80s, Bogotá, Bangkok, Calcutta, Hong Kong and Ouagadougou are revealed as sites of global injustice. The central figure in Marten's visual universe is that of the human form prostrate among his fellow man - praying, crippled, deformed, begging, ecstatic, morally broken or even lifeless. The flanking figures of authority - uniformed guards, military and religious leaders - represent guidance and oppression, dominance and support. This book, assembled by the artist before his death in 1992, has been held unpublished in the archives of the Nederlands Fotomuseum for the last twenty years. It features the best of this under-recognized sociodocumentary photographer's creative oeuvre - photojournalism as a testimony of the downtrodden.
ISBN: 9460830463
Publisher: Ram Distribution
Paperback : 196 pages
Language: English
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