The Making of Papa
by Lino Hellings
Publisher's Description
In a brilliant amalgam of old and new media, the Participating Artists Press Agency (PAPA) is an international, curated network of artist-correspondents, initiated and led by artistic director Lino Hellings. The mission of the organization is to manufacture news by taking action. Developed by Hellings at an artist's residency at the Photo Press Agency Drik in Dhaka, PAPA is intended as an instrument for mapping by reading meaningful patterns from street photography around the world. Correspondents take images with a clear question or issue in mind and then share them on the PAPA blog each day paired with texts. The Making of PAPA is a photobook combining a DIY manual, city guide to PAPA's nomadic locations, visual essays by correspondents and a text on the agency's founding.
ISBN: 9460830668
Publisher: Ram Distribution
Paperback : 367 pages
Language: English
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