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Cy Twombly - Oeuvre Photographique 1951-2010 (French Edition)
by Hubertus V. Amelunxen
Publisher's Description
The exhibition 'Cy Twombly. Photographs 1951–2010' presents more than 100 dry prints, generated from Polaroid photographs, which were selected in close cooperation with the artist himself prior to his death on July 5th, 2011. Cy Twombly's photographs have been a rather recent discovery. Snapping photographs with his Polaroid camera since his student days, the artist did not make available to the public his photographic material until the 90s. The subject matter of his photographs varies considerably. From still-life images of flowers and brushes, snap shots of his studio and museums interiors, details from his paintings to views of ancient temples and atmospheric landscapes, the ethereal and delicate photographs reveal the themes that have nourished the artist's paintings, drawings, sculptures and graphic art.
ISBN: 9461300484
Publisher: Ludion
Paperback : 168 pages
Language: French
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