Erik Van Der Weijde

Erik Van Der Weijde - Privacy Settings
by Various
Publisher's Description
Dutch photographer Erik van der Weijde lives and works in Brazil, where he has produced series of photographs with a range of subjects, from Oscar Niemeyer?s architecture to portraits of anonymous women. For 'Privacy Settings,' the photographer chose to focus his view on a single, sleeping boy. His relationship to the boy is not indicated. In each of the black-and-white images of the series, the boy is asleep, captured in the depths of dreaming, his limbs arrayed in all manner of unconscious positions, the blankets and sheets chaotic and rumpled. Occasionally, a companion of the boy is present, either a teddy bear or a woman we assume to be his mother, also asleep.
ISBN: 9491047027
Publisher: 4478zine
Hardcover : 60 pages
Language: English
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