Guido Indij

RES: The Useless Truth
by Guido Indij
Publisher's Description
The artist known as RES, born Raul Stolkiner in Argentina in 1957, studied both photography and economics, which influences his work through the idea of an economics of ideas. This first critical anthology of his career gathers nine series of photographs-Where Are They & Magnets, Pardiez! (By God!), Pretty Little Plastic Thingy, DNSCTTH, On Jorge L. Borges, Me-Cactus, Between is Nothing, Hernan Cortes' Route, and his latest Conatus (2005). That most recent and perhaps most intense entry recreates-in detailed costume, makeup, lighting and composition-iconic pieces of western art, widely acknowledged masterpieces by painters such as Velazquez, da Vinci and Picasso. Each portfolio is introduced by a short text key to its interpretation. And how to interpret the title? The Useless Truth refers to art's ability to highlight the irrelevance of information, a truth Stolkiner points out is just as useless as any other while it remains locked away in the autonomous field of art.
ISBN: 9508891157
Publisher: La Marca Editora
Paperback : 228 pages
Language: Spanish
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