Daniel Spehr

Buenos Aires: Out of the Series
by Guido Indij
Publisher's Description
The skyline, the shrines, the reflections in skyscraper windows, the garages, mailboxes, metal grates, padlocks, doors, high-tension wires, trees, stumps, dogs, dog walkers, dog shit, swastikas, anti-Bush posters, religious icons, storefronts, street art, packaged meats, street signs, license plates, cars, surveillance cameras, manhole covers, playgrounds, abandoned chairs. . . all of the vivid, day-to-day signs of life in Buenos Aires, Argentina, are captured in this chunky and affordable 240-page compendium in amazing grids of like objects—typologies that read with delightful immediacy. The pictures were taken by two Swiss photographers, Daniel Spehr and Kathrin Schulthess, and Guido Indij, a Porteño, or Buenos Aires local, as they walked the vast perimeter of Argentina’s legendary “village” of more than 11,000,000 inhabitants. Together, they read like a breathing archive, a super-memory, a culture with an unmistakably powerful flavor.
ISBN: 9508891653
Publisher: La Marca/Registro Grafico
Paperback : 240 pages
Language: English
Dimensions: 5.8 x 6 x 0.9 inches
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