Guido Indij

200: Four Hundred Images Are Worth More Than Four Hundred Thousand: Words
by Guido Indij
Publisher's Description
Celebrating Argentina’s bicentennial, and curated by Guido Indij, 200 resembles a museum in book form. It presents images of Argentina from 1851 to the present day; each year is represented by a single image of its two most extraordinary events. By focusing on only two graphic representations per year, the publication seeks to expose Argentina as it really is: a country of extremes and contrasts. Consequently, an image of an early stock exchange meeting might be juxtaposed against one of street merchants; a vision of a mother dying of typhoid fever might appear alongside a photograph of the equatorial telescope; an image of a lone poetess contrasts a Nazi protest and a cartoon of Mafalda sets off a photograph of the sexy starlet Isabel Sarli. Through this record of unique perspectives, 200 attests to the varied voices that have built the country’s common lore.
ISBN: 9508891963
Publisher: La Marca Editora
Hardcover : 528 pages
Language: English
Dimensions: 8.7 x 9.8 x 1.9 inches
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