Francisco Mata Rosas

Mexico Tenochtitlan
by Eduardo Vazquez Martin
Publisher's Description
Mexico City, then known as Tenochtitlan, was one of the largest cities in the world when its over one-million inhabitants were “discovered” by Cortez. Tenochtitlan was razed by the Spaniards and Mexico City was built on its ruins, using the same rocks from the Aztec pyramids to build the cathedral. This title captures how the city continues to destroy itself and how a new city is constructed on its ruins, a city that again will be destroyed by man, time or earthquakes. This immense metropolis where the greatest Aztec Temple is reborn from its burial and the damaged cathedral manages not to collapse. Its surroundings grow in the form of dungheaps for the poor and luxurious homes for the powerful. A city where politicians, the military, students, factory workers, artisans, and indigenous natives live; great city in whose shifting boundaries towns and fields are devoured and it’s the sum of different realities that you would think incompatible; where millions of faces, statistically acknowledged finally disappear.
ISBN: 9684116330
Publisher: Era Edicions Sa
Paperback : 208 pages
Language: Unknown
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