Frida by Frida
by Raquel Tibol
Publisher's Description
Frida Kahlo the writer? In this book, art critic Raquel Tibol gathers letters, notes, poems, protests, confessions, messages and other longer texts written by Frida to her friends, her lovers, and others. In her writings, Frida reveals her taste for neologisms, colloquial turns, and the crossing of linguistic boundaries. The extreme freedom of her language is a path towards sincerity, the starting-point of Frida Kahlo’s pictorial universe, with its recurring motifs: the bus accident that left her physically maimed at the age of eighteen, her complex and fascinating relationship with Diego Rivera, her illness as destiny, her political engagements, and her uncompromising quest for liberty. Hardbound. A few b&w photos.
ISBN: 9685208166
Publisher: Editorial Rm Rio Panuko
Hardcover : 376 pages
Language: English
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